Why Peloremynatural


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Truly Natural Virgin Hair

Hair that is completely natural From the root to tip. This is Pure and raw “ Grade A remy Hair

processed type of human hair or mixed human and synthetic hair.

No Chemicals Or Processing

No chemical processing or Additives are used resulting in A completely natural look and Long lasting life.

May add heavy chemicals and processing to hair , which does more harm than good.

Guaranteed 100% Temple                      Hair

Hair that comes hand selected Directly from the big temples. 

May obtain their hair from Barber shop clippings or Otherwise.

Cuticle Intact and  Aligned

The structure of the hair remains intact, giving you a product that does not tangle or matte.

The processing of hair strips the cuticle and leaves the hair damaged even
before your extensions are applied

Each Bundle for 1  Person

Each bundle of hair comes from an individual donor, this guarantees consistency in color and texture within each pack of hair.

 May be mixed with other types of hair from   other people.

Natural Variation at Ends

 Hair that is truly natural from root to tip. The ends are left completely natural and   untrimmed, giving you the real look

 May cut off ends making the hair look   really nice and trimmed, but not natural.

Steam Permed Curling  Process

Steam perming is a chemical-free process that uses only water and steam vapour to achieve a more stylized curl.

 Chemically treated to artificially obtain     enhanced curl patterns.

Reusable for Longer
Period 1 to 2 years

Since pure virgin hair leaves the cuticles intact, it is reusable for every long period of time. PELOREMYNATURAL GIVES U GUARANTEE FOR THAT.

 May last a few weeks to a few months at   best.